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Prime Rib of Beef Au Jus

served with a horseradish sauce

Roasted Pork Tenderloin

served with a creamy pesto sauce

Greek Chicken Breast

served with a white wine sauce

Chicken in Creole Cream Sauce

Chicken Saltimbocca

served with hollandaise sauce

Chicken Frangelico

Oven Roasted Pecan Chicken with Dijon Beurre Blanc

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Parmesan Pecan Crusted Tilapia

Parmesan Crusted Salmon

Filet Mignon

Chopped Sirloin with Gravy

Homemade Lasagna

Homemade Vegetarian Lasagna

Penne Pasta with Chicken and Alfredo sauce

Chicken Parmesan

Shrimp Creole

served over rice

Baked Ziti

Homemade Southern Style Meatloaf

Chicken Breast Piccata

Chicken Breast Marsala

Grilled Marinated Flank Steak

Glazed Pork Roast

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Beef Stroganoff

Bruschetta Chicken

Smoked Chicken & Spinach Lasagna in Alfredo Sauce

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